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Chelsea guides clients through the legal process who must seek reproductive health care to build their family through methods such as surrogacy, gestational carriers, embryo donation, egg donation, sperm donation, in-vitro fertilization, and other infertility treatment options.  Chelsea assists intended parents and surrogates with all legal issues that arise during surrogacy, including drafting or reviewing contracts,  preparing and filing court documents necessary to establish parentage, making arrangements with the hospital in advance of the birth, determining what happens to remaining genetic material (egg, sperm, embryos) after the surrogacy, and drafting essential estate planning and guardianship documents to ensure that the child is protected should someone pass away before the child is born. 


Chelsea's local and global network with other ART professionals including agencies, fertility clinics, and mental health professionals enables her to make certain that all needs of her clients are met throughout their infertility journey.  Having struggled with infertility herself, Chelsea brings compassion and understanding to her clients and knows both personally and professionally the challenges that her clients face.  

We represent:

Domestic and International Intended Parents

Gestational Carriers/Surrogates 

Hetero Couples

Same-Sex Couples

Single Intended Parents